Sapura Singapore


At Sapura we are passionate about our role in helping clients realize their vision of self-reliance in utilizing the latest technology has to offer. Our indigenous solutions are the result of long term investment in capability-building and efforts in human capital development.

Since 1986 our unwavering commitment to innovation, research and collaboration has allowed us to compete globally in provisioning communication and technological solutions for educational, government and corporate sectors - both procreative and enterprise.

Ensuring optimal benefits for our clients from their investment is a long-standing mantra in Sapura.


Our capabilities:


1. Acquire, develop and apply strategic solutions in IT and communication systems.

2. Manage and implement large scale communication and IT projects.

3. Collaborative proposals to enable technology for education, government and corporate solutions.

4. Consultancy for key IT products and services.

5. Provide technical & training services for hardware and software.

6. Cater manpower deployment or outsource to customers for on-site support.

7. Sustain maintenance contracts for all solutions supplied to customers.



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